Hi, I'm Carlos! Engineer (in progress!) - Coding Enthusiast - Pretty Awesome


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I am Carlos Rivera and I am currently an undergraduate student at Santa Clara University's School of Engineering studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering. I'll be graduating in 2017 and am currently looking for a technical internship in either the software or cloud industry. My goal is to become a prominent contributor in the tech world and use my skills for the common good.

So who am I? I'm an active learner who seeks a challenge and faces it head on. I'm the type of person who takes his work home with him and continuously thinks about a problem until it has been solved. I'm the guy at the meeting that you'll find carefully evaluating options before making a contribution. My previous experiences within the industry may be limited, but I am more than eager to gain experience through practical application.


Though I do have a degree of interest in hardware, my interests primarily lie within software development. My interests include, but are not limited to, learning more about the following:

  •  Android Development
  •  iOS Development
  •  Cloud Computing


I improve on my skillset whenever I can, in fact I'd say that my greatest skill lies in my desire and aptitude to learn. As of now this is where my knowledge stands.

  • * - Currently learning
  • ** - Intermediate
  • *** - Advanced
  • Java***
  • Swift 2.0***
  • C++***
  • C**
  • C#**
  • Python 3**
  • HTML**
  • CSS*
  • Javascript*
  • PHP*


If you've gone through this page in its entirety, then thanks for taking the time to browse and I hope we can connect. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Just fill out the form or contact me through one of the links below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.